What bread to serve with paella?

Eating bread with paella is not something usual in Spain. However, there are many people to love to coat the bread with stock remains. Furthermore, some others like to combine rice and bread, creating a tasty bite.

Then, if you want to know the best kind of bread to have with paella, the answer mostly a crusty one. A crusty piece of bread can offer a fantastic texture contrast when served with paella. So, a good tip is to freeze your bread until some time before eating in order to keep its crustiness.

What bread to serve with paella?
What bread to serve with paella?

A warm small baguette should be good enough to be paired with paella since we may not want to be full soon. Besides, a homemade loaf either white or brown will be always a “plus”.

As a result, you will be able to eat the paella in the crust without cutlery. Besides, if you add extra virgin olive oil to the bread, you can even enjoy it alone.

Finally, if you are having black rice with al-i-oli (a sort of garlic mayo), you’ll definitely love serving some crusty bread slices to be delighted with a fantastic pairing. However, it would be a pity if you fill yourself quickly since the good stuff is the paella.

“Pan” in Spanish means bread, bear this in mind when you go to a restaurant 😉

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