How to Make Paella?

How to cook paella is a recurrent question, and depending on the type the making process way can vary. 
However, the core methods are two, based on when we add the water: before or after the rice

For example, the Valencian style requires adding the water first to make the stock in the meantime, while in most of the rest of the types, we usually pour the stock (previously prepared) after sauteing the rice for while. Learn more about how to cook paella rice.

Furthermore, the steps and timings can vary depending on the cook. I usually let the liquid gets almost totally absorbed by the rice to straightaway lower the heat. Then, it’s just a matter of waiting 15min. As simple as it sounds.

How do you make Spanish paella?

Time needed: 1 hour.

Difficulty: easy

Spanish paella can be done in many different ways. Furthermore, as I said, every paella type has its own methods. Here you have the easiest method I’ve found for a meat-based paella (actually, my family method)

  1. Prepare the stock (how to make chicken stock for paella?)

    You can boil a chicken´s carcass or meat bones, onion and carrot

  2. Heat up the pan

    Over medium heat, add the oil until it gets quite warm

  3. Add the vegetables

    Stir and soften.

  4. Add the meat

    Put aside the vegetables or take them out from the pan. Then, add the meat until browned

  5. Add the tomato 

    Grated or puree, and stir while it soft fries. (Put the meat aside before, if preferred)

  6. Put the rice in. Learn how to make paella rice more in-depth

    Stir until it gets oil coated. The rice should be half of the stock.

  7. Mix everything in

    Stir for a little while

  8. Pour the stock and bring it to a boil

    Including salt and saffron. Stir for the last time

  9. Let it boil (About 15 min)

    Just until the rice absorbs almost all the liquid

  10. Turn the heat to the minimum and cover the paella pan

    So cover and let it cook for 15 minutes

  11. Turn off the heat

    Wait 5 min, serve and enjoy!
    Paella Recipe

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