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Learn everything about real Spanish Paella

Best desserts for paella

What Dessert Goes Well With Paella?

Knowing what dessert to have with paella, is the last step to the full paella experience (considering you are with ...
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Bread for paella

What bread to serve with paella?

Eating bread with paella is not something usual in Spain. However, there are many people to love to coat the ...
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Best wine for paella

What Wine to Drink With Paella?🍷

What wine to drink with paella is not trivial because wine is the ideal complement to enjoy a good paella, ...
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How to reheat paella once its been cooked

Can You Reheat Paella?

Reheating paella rice or any other Spanish rice dishes is something easy if you know the theory and the technique ...
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how to keep paella warm

How to keep paella warm?

We might need to keep the paella rice or warm for many reasons. Either because we have to cook several ...
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How big paella pan do I need?

How to Choose a Paella Pan?

Do you want to cook paella but you don't dare because you don't know how to choose a paella pan? ...
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How to cook paella

How to Make Paella?

How to cook paella is a recurrent question, and depending on the type the making process way can vary. However, ...
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where is paella from

Where is Paella From?

The paella history started in Valencia, (east coast of Spain) making us, its inhabitants, very proud of it. This is ...
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what is paella, the whole experience

What is Paella?

Paella is essentially a Spanish dish, easy to prepare but complex as a whole. Probably, paella is the most iconic ...
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