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Learn everything about real Spanish Paella

How do you cool a pot of rice using the shallow pan method?

If we want to quickly cool down a cooked rice without passing it under cold water (which would take away all the ...
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Seafood Paella Recipe by Gordon Ramsay

Seafood Paella Recipe by Gordon Ramsay ★★★ – Improved!

In this article, we are going to improve Gordon Ramsay's seafood paella recipe. Yes, luckily the task is not difficult ...
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Authentic Paella

Authentic Paella Recipe

This is the paella recipe I first learned from my father (and so he did from his father). However, I ...
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Baked Rice - Arroz al horno

Arroz al Horno Recipe – Baked Rice

Arroz al Horno, (Baked Rice in English or arròs al forn in Valencian) is one of the most delicious Spanish ...
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Authentic Mixed Paella Recipe

Mixed paella, (paella mixta in Spanish) is one of the most famous variants of the authentic paella recipe or Valencian ...
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Authentic Paella Recipes from Spain to your table

Paella is fantastic, so it's getting universal, but paella recipes are growing while losing its authentic essence and tradition from ...
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Best desserts for paella

What Dessert Goes Well With Paella?

Knowing what dessert to have with paella, is the last step to the full paella experience (considering you are with ...
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Bread for paella

What bread to serve with paella?

Eating bread with paella is not something usual in Spain. However, there are many people to love to coat the ...
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Best wine for paella

What Wine to Drink With Paella?🍷

What wine to drink with paella is not trivial because wine is the ideal complement to enjoy a good paella, ...
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How to reheat paella once its been cooked

Can You Reheat Paella? How?

Reheating paella rice or any other Spanish rice dishes is something easy if you know the theory and the technique ...
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