Paella Pronunciation

Paella is very popular around the world but based in my experience, paella pronunciation is rarely acceptable.

How Do You Pronounce Paella?

Paella pronunciation might be difficult for many non-Spanish speakers, as it includes a bit demanding sounds. Then, how to pronounce paella?

(/paɪˈɛlə/ py-EL-ə, Valencian: [paˈeʎa], Spanish: [paˈeʎa]),

So, in order to pronounce paella correctly, say pah:EH:yah, not pah:EHL:lah.

Paella pronunciation with sound

Here you have paella pronunciation in Spanish:

Furthermore, there is something worth to be aware of, when pronouncing ‘paella’.  If you see a word spelled with ‘ll’ in Spanish, don´t forget that it is not pronounced like the English ‘l’. The right sound is the ‘y’ in ‘yet’.

How to pronounce Paella Valenciana?

Pronouncing “Paella Valenciana” correctly is not easy even for Spanish speakers, because in Valencia we speak Valencian, a similar language to Catalan and quite similar to Spanish.

So, that’s the pronunciation in Valenciano

Now, in Spanish

Paella Valenciana in Spanish

How do you spell paella?

Paella is sometimes written as paela, piaya, piela, patela, pieya, payela… however, misspellings don´t change the flavor 🙂

Spelling paella is easier when you are reading. P – A – E – L – L – A

How to pronounce Socarrat

Socarrat (rust in Valencian) is the fancy crust you can find beneath the top rice layer. There is no proper paella without socarrat.

Socarrat pronunciation

IPA: /so.kaˈrat/

Socarrat pronunciation

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