Paella Chicken Stock

Paella chicken stock is easy and versatile and when homemade it brings the paella to another level. So, whether you’re going to make a chicken broth with vegetables or just chicken, there’s a trick that doesn’t fail because it’s delicious.

Paella chicken stock
Paella chicken stock

Best Chicken Stock for Paella

Chicken stock is not only used to make paella but also in other very common dishes such as soups, sauces or creams. In our case, we will use chicken broth when the variety of paella is prepared with meat, for example, meat paella or easy chicken paella.

It will be made with poultry meat, although it is possible to add breast or even the neck of the chicken for its elaboration if you want it to have a fairly intense taste, it is also advisable to add the chicken legs as they are usually the tastiest part of the animal. That’s why this is the best chicken stock for paella.


To make chicken stock, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Chicken meat and bones, I recommend the carcass as it is cheap and it gives a great result.
  • Carrot
  • Salt
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Water

A chicken carcass is enough for an 8 servings paella broth / stock

Best Chicken Stock for Paella
Best Chicken Stock for Paella

How to make chicken stock for paella

Don’t worry, the actual preparation time for this homemade paella stock recipe, is about 10 min, but it needs a while boiling (60 min).

  1. First of all peel the onion, cut it into three or four slices and put it on a pan or on a hot plate without oil. When you see that the surface in contact with the iron is almost black, remove and slice the roasted onions on the pot in which you intend to prepare the broth
  2. Add in the chicken and vegetables previously washed and cut into some pieces. Stir.
  3. Add water until it covers a couple of centimeters above the vegetables. Add as much salt as you like and half a tablespoon of oil per liter of water. Be careful with salt, as the stock will be partially reduced and if it is insipid at the end, you will have time to correct the point later.
  4. Heat until it starts to boil. Lower the heat to a minimum, cover the pot and leave to cook over low heat for one hour.
  5. Strain the broth. Let it cool down and remove the remaining layer of fat from the surface.

You’ll have a wonderful paella chicken broth for any rice dish with chicken and other types of meat and vegetables.

The “pro-tip” for this paella chicken stock is that you can make more stock than needed son you can save some and keep it frozen until the next time.

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