How to clean a paella pan

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How to clean a paella pan? Once the paella is finished and tasted, it remains the task of cleaning it, leaving it as new and ready for the next use.
This will help to preserve the paella pan for a long time.

How to clean a paella pan

How to properly clean a paella pan

The process of cleaning and conservation varies according to the material of the paella pan.

Before this cleaning, it will be necessary to remove all rest of the rice and ingredients that could have remained, if it has been left over.

Stainless steel, enameled, or nonstick

The cleaning of the paella pan is the same process that with any frying pan or casserole. It can be put in soaking by pouring water until half of the paella pan (approximately) so that the food remains soften and thus it is easier to clean.

It is advisable to use non-abrasive scouring pads.

Polished steel

If on the contrary, it is of polished steel (the iron one), it should not be soaked.

The polished paella pans can be scrubbed with any brush, scouring pad or sponge, even the nanas scouring pad, because as it is made of iron, it cannot be damaged.

To wash it, we will pour a dash of liquid dish soap and rub it with a scouring pad or nanas. Enameled or non-stick paella pans should be cleaned with a soft sponge.

Once scrubbed and rinsed. Dry quickly with kitchen paper, so that it is completely dry. A fundamental requirement for polished steel paella pans.

When scraping the paella, you may want to stay away from surfaces that are difficult to clean like area rugs, hardwood floors, or carpets. I almost ruin a carpet with splashed oil and had to call carpet cleaning because I was not able to do it by myself.

How to maintain and conserve paella pans?

The polished steel paella pan

Once clean and dry, we pour a drizzle of oil and with the help of kitchen paper, we spread the entire surface of the paella pan, both inside and outside.

This layer of oil will protect it from oxidation. Since the steel will no longer be in direct contact with the air.

If you are not going to use it for a long time, it is recommended to store it in a plastic bag.

What oil should be used to preserve the paella pan?

Generally, any oil is sufficient because this oil film acts as a shield between the iron and the air. But from my own experience, we have found olive oil to be the best, as we believe it is somewhat more viscous and does not dry out as much as other vegetable oils.

For long periods when the paella is not in use, it is recommended that the paella be checked and, if necessary, re-oiled for long-term protection.

Enameled paella pan

Enameled paella pans, stainless steel and other materials do not require this maintenance process since they cannot rust.

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