Jamie Oliver’s Chicken and Chorizo Paella Improved

Chicken and chorizo paella put Jamie Oliver in bull’s eye for Spanish paella fans. The British chef was criticized when he dared to add Spanish chorizo to a rice dish and call it “paella” when paella never had chorizo.

Improving the Chicken and Chorizo Paella Recipe

For us, it could be like the first time someone added pineapple to the pizza, but 1000 times more serious. For me, in addition, the crime was not only the “chorizo” and “paella” thing, but also that this recipe didn’t look like a paella, nor even like a Spanish rice dish: a poor invention. So, I decided to try my version of Jamie’s chorizo “paella” and I have to admit it was great.

chorizo paella jamie oliver

In order to beat Jamie Oliver’s chorizo paella is to follow the Spanish way to cook it. Then, I follow the method used on other recipes you can find on this site, using the timings and processes I find myself more comfortable and make me get the best results.

I can assure proper paellas can be made out of Spain

jamie oliver chicken and chorizo paella

Hey! Have you seen my vegetarian paella recipe (improving Jamie Oliver’s)?


 🥘 Difficulty: Easy-Average 
 🥘 Serves: 4 
 🥘 Nutrition: 480 Kcal

  • 400g medium-grain rice (Paella rice)
  • 500g chicken
  • 100g medium-size chopped Spanish chorizo
  • 100g butter beans
  • 100g runner beans
  • 200g grated tomato (or tomato puree)
  • Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 800g of water (preferably chicken stock)
  • Salt

How to make chicken and chorizo paella?

🥘 Total time: 45′
🥘 Prep time: 15′
🥘 Cooking time: 30′

How to make chicken and chorizo paella is something people are asking for on the Internet. Mine is a lovely recipe, very similar to most of the rest, so, quite easy to cook. We will sauté the chorizo before the vegetables so we can coal all the ingredients with its smoked paprika taste. I prefer to chop the chorizo into medium-sized pieces so you can take them out from the plate.
I didn´t take pictures, as this website wasn’t in my mind yet, but I will cook it again asap.

  1. Heat up the paella pan. Medium heat is fine. Add the oil to make it quite warm
  2. Add the pieces of chorizo. Sauté until browned and take them out from the pan
  3. Put the vegetables in. Stir and soften. Then, put them aside or take them out from the pan.
  4. Add the chicken pieces (It could be pork ribs instead). Sauté until browned
  5. Poor the tomato. Sauté (Put the meat aside before, so add the tomato in the middle of the pan)
  6. Add the rice. Stir for a while until it gets oil coated. It’s interesting we sauté the rice a bit.
  7. Mix everything in. Add the vegetables and the chorizo pieces back and stir for a little while
  8. Pour the water or stock, previously warmed. Including salt. Stir for the last time
  9. Let it boil (About 20 min). Immediately before the rice absorbs all the stock
  10. Lower heat (minimum power). And cover the pan. Let it cook for 15 min
  11. Turn off the heat. Let it repose for about 5 min and serve
  12. Enjoy it!. And let me know if you like it

Be careful with the chorizo, because its strong flavor can ruin the dish if we don´t add it with moderation. Besides this, too much chorizo can make your dish fatty.

You also may like the meat paella or the easy chicken paella, but if you prefer a mixed one, definitely try Oven Paella with Chicken, Shrimp, and Chorizo

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  1. Hey, good to find this recipe, as I really don’t like Jamie’s one, nothing to do with other recipes I have tried. Would you add prawns?


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